Friday, 9 August 2013

Visit to Nandi Hills, Karnataka

Bangalore & nearby towns of Karnataka are situated on Deccan Plateau. Average elevation is 3020 feet above sea level.  Due to this elevation Bangalore enjoys breezy & equable climate all through the year. Temperature rarely goes below 12 or over 30 Celsius. Rains normally occur during the evenings here. Because of several small & large hills, monsoon rivers & lakes dot the plateau to the delight of tourists. Nandi Hills are such an example near Bangalore.
Dense morning fog has engulfed the hills
Nandi Hills or Nandi Durg is located in Chikkaballapur district of Karnataka approx 60 km from Bangalore City. It is 20 km off NH 7 near new Bangalore airport. It is nearly 1480 m above sea level.
Mornings are cold & misty here. Good place for outing. Plan for morning but don’t forget your jacket.
This place is source of rivers like Penner, Ponnaiyar, Palar & Arkavathy.
The name Nandi Hills originates from one or many of stories.
*Yoga Nadeeshwara performed penanace here,
*During Chola period it was called as Anandgiri,
*Tippu Sultan made a fort Nandidurga here,
*Because the hill resembles a sleeping bull &
*Because of 1300 year old Dravidian style Nandi temple on the hill.
 Some photos.
Tail lights of the cars flicker
Morning Mist on the hills

As you go up

Entrance to the fort

Road disappears in fog!

Mystery morning mist

Fog thickens!

On the top

Morning mist all around

A couple of curves are really tricky as you go up. Caution suggested. 
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