Wednesday, 3 July 2013

On the Streets of Bangalore

Look ahead & Walk
Kempe Gowda a ruler under Vijaynagar Empire established a mud brick fort in 1537 which is considered to be foundation of Bangalore.

Take a break 

Located on Deccan Plateau it is third most populous city of India. Due to high elevation Bangalore enjoys moderate climate & continuous breeze throughout the year.

Cool street to walk!

Coffee Break 

Bhakti walk

Walk & Talk

Careful Walk

Wired Walk?
Spurt in growth of Bangalore has created problems relating to infrastructure & civic facilities. Some scenes of streets of Bangaluru 

Walk under the Namma Metro!

Morning Walk!
Stop, Watch & Walk

No footpath to Walk
Risky Walk

Wait for street food after a walk
No footpath to walk
Ready again for the Walk?

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