Friday, 10 May 2013

Origin of Banking Words!

As per newspaper reports, researchers from University of Reading, Britain have found that our Ice Age ancestors living nearly 15000 years ago used some common words which are still in use by billions of people. For example ‘you’, ‘mother’, ‘not’ & ‘fire’ point to the existence of a linguistic super-family of Euroasia.

This report ignited the brainwave of our boss. So during lunch time meeting this issue cropped up. Though there was mention of Ice Age but no mention was made of Shikaar or non veg in menu which remained only veg.

Now our boss is richly experienced, wise old banker. For ages he had been immersed in banking, so much so that he lost his hair to it. Other than wise bald head, he is short, pot bellied and jovial. He has an affectionate nickname The Baldy outside of his cabin. He murmured:

-I am surprised. Howoo these researchers have forgotten origin of banking words? After all banking is such a prestigious & age old profession. Both you & you, try to contact them & in fact write a DO letter under my signature & ask them to do research on this & send me the report within seven days (else disciplinary action shall be initiated!).

Report was received well in time & highlights placed before The Baldy. Excerpts are as under:

-The bankers were present throughout all the ages - Ice Age, Stone Age, Iron Age, Copper Age, Bronze Age & are still visible in great numbers.

-Hard mental work & disturbed sleep have affected their language skills & increased chances of quicker baldness.

-They used ‘Howoo-Howoo?’ very often since Ice Age onwards but which has subsequently modified to ‘How’ in the present age.

-Another frequently used word was ‘Wy-Wy’ from Ice Age to Bronze Age & thereafter got modified to ‘Why’. Bankers usually want to know from a new borrower –Why loan?

-The word ‘Loan’ has been very popular in all Ages & in fact has been in consistent use till now with bankers & aam admi. In modern age another synonym ‘Advances’ has been added to it. This is used when advances are made to women folk.

-‘Handle Tactfully’ has been in use in all ages by higher management cadre of banks on lower cadre. In fact usage of this phrase has increased progressively in modern age but has caused heart burns of a section of bankers.

-‘Charge Sheet’ has been used by senior bankers on junior bankers since Iron Age & is in continuous usage in modern age. In itself it carries weight of iron hammer & has dangerous implications.

-‘Branch people don’t work’ is the phrase which has come in vogue rather recently due to expansion of branches. In previous Ages its use was found to be lesser.

-‘Careful in future’ is the phrase being handed over to all junior bankers since Ice Age to present age on one pretext or another. So dear banker in the present age of hidden cameras, cobras & scorpions recite this mantra daily:

"I Shall Be Careful In Future!"

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