Sunday, 5 May 2013

CTC or C2C

Lunch was ready & the dining table was laid out. There were four of us Chiefs & the boss was presiding as usual on the corner seat & two each on his left & on his right. Usually I take the left side seat but this should not be taken to mean that I am a leftist!

Today’s special in menu was fish finger as our boss is a great fan of fresh water fish & sea food. He actually hails from some place 100 kms away from Haldia on sea coast. The way he attacks & devours fish & sea food, I have a feeling that he might have been born in Bay of Bengal! Or perhaps may have been a shark in yester years! Like fish has no hair, our boss has no hair on his top. This is the reason of him being affectionately nicknamed The Baldy.

Sh Gupta commented that there is a rumour of C2C. Sh Gupta had referred to the talks for wage negotiations currently going on. The Baldy had mouthful of fish & nodded as if he knew it & wanted to say something. Everybody waited & then The Baldy uttered:

-You see I have been all over Assam & I know how it is prepared. Actually full form of CTC is Cut, Twist, Curl.
-Sir sir sir I referred to Cost To Company sir, said Sh Gupta.                      
-Wot? Okokok. I was referring to manufacturing of tea. You should have spoken clearly Gupta. Carry on carry on what is this C2C?
-Sir all facilities provided to you shall be monetised into an annual package. Like car @10,000pm, driver @5000pm, medical @3000pm & so on all annualised sir.
Sir this lunch shall also be monetised.
-And cumulative amount shall be taxable sir.
-But sir you will have the power to revise the package every year to individual officer.
-For Chiefs like us you can give 7% annual raise sir & likes of Batra 3% sir.
We all nodded in yessir mode.
-Wot? Hmmm. This is good. This is better. In fact this is wonderful to have power. Implement it -  TATKAL!


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