Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Unit Inspection

-Sir auditor has taken a serious view on this file.
-Wot? -Sir he has jotted down a long list of irregularities. Serious ones. 
-Wot? -He says that loan has been sanctioned at express speed without completion of formalities, Sir.
-Wot? Which file ?
-Sir JT.
-Sir Jhumri Taliyya Impex P Ltd.
-Book air tickets. Quick. Call auditor here & arrange high tea. Call party in the evening at my place.

Now these orders must be complied with quickly else Saab will not like it. As you know our Zonal Manager is very strict in these matters relating to audit.

You might have seen him perhaps - short & beer bellied with a few strands of hair standing upright on a bald head. Hence the unofficial nick name by the juniors - The Baldy.

Now in confidance I tell you this loan file of JT was sanctioned really at express speed by The Baldy. Some discrepencies might have crept in but this auditor is too much. He is trying to make out a hill from a mole or whatever. Auditor should stick to observations on facts & figures you see & should not base his report on assumption or personal whims & fancies. This fellow seems to be dead set against The Baldy & trying hard to settle some old entries between them. His verbal comments against The Baldy show clearly that he is holding some grouse.

Tickets were booked for Jhumri Taliyya & it is supposed to be one hour flight. Some people say it is near Pondicherry, some others say its near Nainital as perhaps tal & talliya match, but I have never been there & really can't tell.

Meantime in the cabin of The Baldy, encounter with auditor passed off peacefully , both sides holding their respective guns under the table. No body pulled the trigger. Tea, salted cashewnuts, pastries, samosa etc cleared the air somewhat, invitation was extended for the visit to Jhumri Talliya which was accepted.

-So far so good - muttered The Baldy.
-Wait bald man wait - muttered the auditor.

In the evening director of JT Impex called on The Baldy along with Johny Walker & the forthcoming visit was thoroughly discussed & solutions planned.
It was subsequently learnt that The Baldy was, once upon a time an auditor & the auditor was the branch manager. The mismatch entries were all squared up after the visit to Jhumri Talliya between the auditor & The Baldy.

Audit report was short & sweet to the liking of The Baldy & the auditor was happy despite heavier luggage at the time of departure.

For quite sometime we juniors remained confused at the change of attitudes of bosses. Your guess is as good as mine as to what might have happened during the visit to Jhumri Talliyya.

You don't believe in details do you?
Have some more. It is chilled.
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