Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Ganj to Ganj

I had recently taken over charge of Kesar Ganj branch on transfer
from Miller Ganj branch. Prior to that I was at B T Ganj branch.
May be next branch shall be Naya Ganj or Jawahar Ganj or
Kernail Ganj or
 Hoola Ganj who knows!

As luck would have it , our new Zonal Manager also joined just
a few days back. Short of height, pot bellied, jovial & clever. He
has a few tentacles of hair left on his bald plateau & therefore he
was promptly christened with the title The Baldy by the juniors.
On his first visit to the branch, he had cold drink & a round of the
branch. He found dust on computers, in cashiers cabin, one officer
missing without any message & another joining late, board of
branch in bad shape, stationery lying here & there. Growth figures
were low. 

Over a coffee, salted cashew nuts & delicate pastries he
rendered a long speech to the officers to dedicate themselves for
improving the branch. Officers later termed the speech as 'usual
bak-bak of Saab log'. The visit ended with him being installed on
back seat of official Ambassador car with lots of assurances for
improvement in the branch.

Subsequently, following letters were exchanged with The Baldy:

Dear Shri BM
This refers my recent visit to your branch. Lot of all round
improvements are urgently required in your office. This is
a prestigious branch in bazar area with lots of potential for
business. You are young & energetic officer & I am sure of your
success. My office is here to guide & support you.

Respected Shri ZM Sahib
Extremely thankful for your kind letter of support. I shall try my
best to improve the service to complaint free level.
Thanks & regards.
(Abe yaar jara saans to lene do abhi to family Delhi me hai aur
rotian bel raha hun yaha!)

Dear Shri BM
Figures for month end have been placed before me & I find that
growth has not picked up. Your personal attention is needed in
this branch. Awaiting action from your side.
(Bhaga rahta hai Delhi har Saturday ko. Ye Delhi walo ki naak
Delhi ki taraf hi rahti hai!).

Respected Shri ZM Sahib
Due to consistent efforts we have been able to increase our locker
occupancy & in the bargain got good amount of deposits as well.
Branch has been got cleaned & spruced up. One loan proposal
of 10 cr of a lady entrepreneur is under preparation & shall be
submitted shortly to your office.
Thanks & regards.
( Ab bolo Baldyji kya bolte ho!)

Dear Shri BM
Please send the proposal & the promoter to me on Sat afternoon.
Please also pay attention to recovery side which is lagging
(Ab ja beta tu Delhi ja Sat afternoon ko!).

Respected Shri ZM Sahib
Rigorous efforts are being made for recovery. Hopefully results
will come shortly.
Thanks & regards.
(Jab loan proposal de diya, deposit bada diya, locker lagwa diye,
branch chamkaa di to recovery yaad aa gai! Mai chala Delhi kar
lo meeting Baldyji!)

Dear Shri BM
3 days have passed since sanctioning of loan to the Lady & I
understand it has not been disbursed so far. This lethargy is not at
all conducive to growth in business. Please disburse immediately
& confirm by SMS.
(kaam kar ke koi raaji nahi. Isko kahin aur bhejunga!)

Respected Shri ZM Sahib
The Lady has yet to create mortgage & therefore disbursement is
held up. We have requested the Lady for expediting the matter.
Thanks & regards
( kya hua ji Baldyji party sust, aap chust!)

Dear Shri BM
Even after 10 days loan has not been disbursed to the Lady. This
apathy towards customers is not appreciable.
(Bachhoooo! Pack up your luggage!)

Respected Shri ZM Sahib
I visited the lady yesterday but she did not allow a meeting as she
was on Karwa Chowth fast. I will again visit her today evening
for creation of EM.
Thanks & regards
(kya chahve yo Baldy?)

Dear Shri BM
On receipt of this letter please hand over the charge of the branch
to Shri Gupta. You may immediately proceed to Nepal Ganj
branch for further duties.
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