Thursday, 6 December 2012

For a few Rupees in Swiss banks!

Fully Loaded
Oops!  As per newspaper reports, Swiss banks have trillions of foreign funds & India’s share therein is 0.1% only! They say Pakistani funds are at  52nd & Indian funds at 55th  position.

We the mango ppl of India have been let down. We have a large number of lolly-polly politicians, hera-pheri business persons, bungling babus & yet we remain behind at 55th position in Swiss funds. This is simply not acceptable at all. These illustrious persons could have tried a bit harder so that at least India was ahead of Pakistan at least.

For lolly-polly politicians, it may be reiterated that there is a Hawala Route & there is Benami Route which could have been more effectively used.

For hera- pheri businessmen there is Under Invoicing & Over Invoicing, there is fine print on how to convert Non-OGL items into OGL items, there is the machinery to be imported as scrap & so on.

Similarly Babus did not fully exploit their public relations coupled with their relatives abroad. Just a tinkering this way or that way & the position of India could have come up over Pakistan if not at top.

These people need not be afraid of Anna’s crusade. Anna himself is not fully aware of all these tricks of the game. It is a clutch of few guys misguiding him anyways. More over all parties have combined to make a jalebi  of the Lokpal bill &  it is unlikely that it is resolved in a decade’s time. So there is ample opportunity to make a few dollars more while the sun shines.
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