Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Priority Sector Advance - Moon Dhaba

China is sending a female astronaut into space this year as per newspaper reports. This is wonderful news. Since China is doing it India must also do it for how can India lag behind China. We have launched hundreds of satellites & missiles with huge payloads. We can very well manage sending a women into the space. Or else there could be serious repercussions in New Delhi. There could be demonstrations, dharna at Jantar Mantar or even strike by women folk.
There are enough of technical capabilities available within India & necessary infrastructure is also available in this sector notwithstanding pot holes on roads in Capital City. The capability is vouched by lady scientist incharge who fired the ICBM recently. All one has to do is to simply replace the payload with Maya, Mamata, Sushma or Sonia!

There is no dearth of capable & enterprising folks in India who would later opt for distant moons & planets after visit of the first Indian astronaut lady in the space. I feel this lady should not be called astronaut or cosmonaut but based on our ancient scientific knowledge be called as ‘Pawan Putri’!

In fact while discussing these facts with friends over a couple of drinks, several worthwhile ideas have emerged.

First & foremost person ready to kick start is my friend Yash Sachdeva who runs a successful business in the name & style of Sachdeva Properties. He is a well known property dealer of west Delhi & has made good amount of commission over the years so much so that he can run free  JMD( Jai Mata Di) Bhandara for a week. Just after opening of his office & just before closing, he performs an elaborate pooja which is being listened to by gods up there in the sky. Yash is ready to finance his own ticket but will not go in a Chinese spacecraft for obvious reasons. His plan is to reach there well in time so as to encash the rush for plots later on. 

Next to board the space craft is another friend Gulshan Kumar. He is running a ‘Gullu Dhaba’ on NH-8 near Manesar & has a plan to open Gullu Moon Dhaba on moon. But his worry is whether he would be able to get regular raw material for butter chicken in time. Another worry is that he may run short of money if he is to buy his own space ticket to moon plus has to establish Gullu Moon Dhaba as well. On being offered another large peg & assurance of bank finance by Yours Truly, he is in Q now. Not only that, he is prepared to set up a dhaba at mars also later on. He has proposed to name it as Gullu Mars Dhaba & is ready with a hoarding tag line  – ‘With Branches on Moon & Earth’!

Listening to all this Yours Truly has also decided to join the space wagon. You see after having retired from the Bank, Consultancy Service is already being run by Yours Truly & it would be in fitness of things if an Extension Counter is opened on moon which would be subsequently upgraded to a branch. The project report of Gullu Moon Dhaba is being prepared. Matter has been discussed with Branch Manager who has promised to look in to it within his vested power as soon as staff position improves.

Are you ready for the trip my dear Aroraji?                                                                                               

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