Wednesday, 20 June 2012

G-20 & Bidi

The other day in G20 summit meeting, PM Manmohan Singh announced India’s contribution of $10bn -which translates to Rs.55,000 crores-  as lifeline to Eurozone countries via IMF. Last year govt had declared contribution of Rs.9,000 crores towards IMF.  Very healthy figures those.

No Pain No Gain
On the sidelines of the Meeting, a British Gora was grumbling-we should never have left India. We should have tried to open more basements of temples for gold, silver & diamonds. Could have been enough to feed Eurozone! We should tunnel their temples from all sides even now.

A Greek delegate was also muttering-there should be another expedition to India. He appeared to be direct descendent of Alexander the Great. He continued his planning of taking a route other than thruough Kabul-Peshawar,  may be sea route. Very logical at that.

German delegate tried his hand at Sanskrit with Indians & tried to emphasize similarities & old relations between the two countries. He said that the great German philosopher Karl Marx is still running his party in West Bengal. They will cherish help from India any time.

Back home Mamta was not happy. I am a simple man she said. Give me Rs.17000 crores first otherwise I will not come to New Delhi to meet you she said.

Nirma Baba was also not happy. He wanted some time & as he said he could have organised much more for poor Europeans. In fact any of them Europeans can directly contact with samosa & hari chutney for welfare formula. Kirpa Jarroor Hogi!

MMS must be in a hurry to distribute the funds notwithstanding inflation going up with manufacturing going down. Is there a need to contribute this money? Ghar me nahi daane aur amma chali bhunane!

 Like Venky Vembu said if your beard is on fire please don’t ask matchstick for Bidi!
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