Saturday, 26 May 2012

List of Office Bearers

Those were the heydays of union activities. Govt had decided to place a union representative as director in the Board. Workman director became privy to crucial decisions & policy matters & hence he & consequently unions became more powerful. Celebrations all around on appointment as director - meetings, felicitations & slogan shouting.

Yours Truly is however, yet to understand the job-card of workman director in the Board but perks are well understood.

Shouting slogans was an art in itself alas this is dying out.  Slogans were used at the beginning, occasionally in between the speeches & finally at the end of the meetings. Slogan Shouter would call upon the gathering to raise the slogan so high that it reaches Parliament House. But passive participants like Yours Truly hardly opened their throats & therefore  Parliament House and UN Head Quarters remain safe!

Style & wordings of the slogans changed with slogan shouter. Certain words like -Zindabad, Murdabad, Amar Rahe, Workeres of the world-unite- unite etc are immortal. Some  shouters used colourful language- Hum na Bank Kholenge to Bank me Ulloo Bolenge, Chamchon ka Naash ho, Jo Hamse Takraega Choor Choor ho Jaega, E ki hoya Phalana Moya. Once Com Gupta got confused & instead of AIEBA Zindabad shouted CAIIB Zindabad much to the amusement of all present there. Com Sehgal shouted 'Director Special' - Zindabad ( hinting to a brand of whiskey ) which led to  laughter all around.
After recent elections of our union following list of office bearers was displayed on the Notice Board:

Com Gupta -- President. Fit personality for a President for he had an extra large tummy, thin patch of hair, black spects & loud booming voice. Avoided by ladies staff & therefore lesser problems for union. He maintained that ladies are good for nothing & should stay at home. Successful negotiater as he could threaten, abuse & cajole Manager. 

Com Goel -- Vice. Thin like a pencil always remains as a shadow of President. Never had any independent opinion of his own on any subject. If President says beer com Goyal says beer & if President says whiskey com Goyal says whiskey. As simple as that.

Com Bansal- Secy. Smart guy can be found hovering around  ladies. Balding on the top but frequently combing his coloured hair. He knew which group to join for lunch & which lady prepares which dish better. He often asked ladies about their requirement of house hold items like pillows, bed sheets, tiffin boxes for kids etc so that he could organise supply thru his contacts & a little commission did not do any harm.

Com Hari Haran -- Jt secy. Bearded, short cropped hair,  usually dressed in blacks, frowning with mean looking eyes. More of a Shani Dev accommodated for being sub-staff & a sevadar. Always kept a blank receipt book of 5th Vishal Jagran in his mohalla. Usually collected money from ladies or Sr officers. His slogan - Jo dar gaya vo de gayaa ! 

Com Kansal -- Treasurer. Real treasure trove of market info --where to get butter chicken at odd hours, where to go for tangri kebabs, how to get a bottle from army canteen etc. Soft spoken & pleasant to talk to, he was liked by all sections of society.

Post of Adviser remains vacant. Wish to join?

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