Thursday, 22 August 2013

Introducer in Cafe

Our branch is situated in a commercial area dominated by offices but a few shops & eateries are also there. In the basement of adjoining building, there is a restaurant called Village Cafe. Internal decoration of the Cafe has been done on the pattern of an Indian village. Cane chairs & tables topped with bamboo hut like ceiling have been installed. Partitions in between tables are also of bamboos. Number of photos depicting rural life & green fields have been hung on the walls. Even waiters are dressed as farmers with turbans &  waistbands etc. In low & dim light, soft filmy music is played & it is difficult to make out faces of couples necking & petting each other through the bamboo screens.

A few days back the owner of the Cafe started live dance show from 6 to 7 every evening. Ticket was costly of course which included coffee or a cold drink on complimentary basis. If you could tip the waiter appropriately before the show he would make your cold drink a good cocktail with Vodka or some such.

Ashok, who is an officer & a bachelor gentleman on rolls of our branch was among the first audience of first show. You know Ashok has a flair for liaison with such establishments. Always dressed in fancy clothes he loves costly perfumes. Perhaps that is why he came first with detailed news of the show. He said that the shows are getting great response & in fact there is a business opportunity here for a banker in garnering of sale proceeds of tickets!

Now all this I was sure must have been informed to our Zonal Manager by him presenting himself as a great business go-getter. That's why he is in good books of ZM &  has been able to ward-off his transfer for years. I suspect he might have sent complimentary passes of the show to authorities as well.

But once given green signal he managed opening of accounts etc within no time. Sales proceeds started coming. He even managed  to introduce & open fixed deposits in the names two dancers Ms Lolo & Ms Lily. That's why this bugger Ashok is in good books of all including authorities you see.

The evening dance show was booming & crowds swelled everyday. But how can a growing business like this one be tolerated by police & income tax people? Sitting in office I got the news that the Cafe has been raided by police & tax people. During the raid they found inter-alia, a few fixed deposit receipts in the names of Ms Lolo & Ms Lily the dancers in the evening show. It was also rumoured that Ms. Lolo & Ms. Lily were actually having different real names & that they were from outside the country!

Ready for the show!
It is also understood that the police was looking for the person who introduced the accounts of the dancers in the bank.

Anyway would you like to see the evening show tonight on complementary pass? Ashok has informed that some new dancers have joined now.

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