Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Cow at Bank's Gate

Big Fight
This branch was situated on top of a hillock overlooking tea plantation. Paanchmile village was allotted to us for financing agro & dairy activities. This village was actually at a distance of 5 miles & hence the name Paanchmile. Simple. You know how these villages get their names ? Take for example those two hills there-they are called Hilara & Bilara because twin sisters Hilara & Bilara lived there! Simple nomenclature indeed.
In Paanchmile village a number of milch cattle were financed under this or that scheme. Whenever I requested for a visit to this village the loans Asstt will murmur katideb-katideb meaning that they will cut u to the size. This village was a muslim dominated area & the Asstt was a brahmin & a veggie & always counting his tulsi beads. Not to be treated as coward I took another Asstt , kick started my bike & we went to Paanchmile. It was a beautiful lush green village on the bank of a seasonal river & with lots of coconut, beetle nut & bamboo trees & thatched huts. Naked kids were playing around chasing hens, men in green lungis lazily chewing tamul / beetle nuts & puffing at hukka once in a while. Met village head -called Gaon Booda in local lingo- exchanged pleasantries & discussed non repayment of loan by a few borrowers of the village. After having assurances on repayment & fresh cool nariyal paani we came back to office. No katideb -katideb happened.

Next Monday some good amount of money was received but nothing in the account of Yaseen. Verbal reminder was sent again to village head & Yaseen. Next day an old man wearing thick lenses & shabbily dressed came to Yours Truly & narrated some blah-bla-blah which was not understood. He started to talk to every body & even walls of the branch. Asstt was called who interpreted that this fellow Yaseen is not able to repay the loan as milk yield is practically nil & he is unable to sell any milk. I insisted that loan has to be repaid milk or no milk. Why did he take the loan after all? No discussion on this milk issue- no sir.

On Saturday -as u banker friends on rural postings know- airbag is kept ready & 2 o'clock air-dash to family is must. One is in a different frame of mind away from work. Just 10 minutes to 2, old man Yaseen enters the branch. Loudly speaking & gesticulating at every body he started a commotion. What was the commotion & laughter about? The Asstt came running & informed that cow purchased by Yaseen was not getting pregnant & there was no milk for sale. He therefore wants that either bank may get her pregnant or bank may keep her.
"He has brought the cow & tied up to our channel gate Sir".

Hmm. Refer the case to higher authorities?

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