Monday, 14 May 2012

Of Charges & Of Sheets

City branch was on red alert as there was to be a visit of CEO -affectionately called (with due apologies) as the LH or the Lame Horse. All preparations were in place --branch spruced up, corporate ties in proper knots, roasted masala cashew, kaju burfi, cold drinks & coffee. Beer was out of question during office hours. Of course folder of facts & figures was ready without which LH is likely to start kicking & trampling.
Master Administrator

At the appointed time however there was disappointment- this Baldy, third in command to LH walked in. What a let down. Roasted masala cashew & kaju burfi were not to be served now & were placed back in drawer & only cold drink was to be served that too in a hot glass. After exchange of artificial smiles & pleasantries, said he -Saab waj biji & haij asked me to vijit your office & submit the report. Said I -Come on Baldy Sir you are as great a Saab to us & even more than LH! 

Baldy had a round of office & office files, 2 rounds of cold drinks &  2 rounds of coffee & left after an hour or so. He presented his report to the LH next day. On third day LH & Baldy had a dialogue on the report which proceeded on the following lines. This information has been gathered from a very authentic source in the office of LH & it's rating may be considered very reliable. 

Baldy: Sir this City branch fellow ij super clever Sir.
LH:     Wot?
Baldy: I saw his travel bill Sir. He has gone to Delhi & has charged
           expenses for New Delhi Sir.
LH:     Wot? Hmm...Charge him.
Baldy: Sir he ij using gold plated pen Sir gold plated !
LH:     Wot? Hmm... Charge him. Vigilance overtones.
Baldy: Sir i gathered news that he has 2 expensive safari suits
            white & brown Sir! By using white pant with brown shirt &
            brown pant with white shirt he has made four safari suits   
            Sir. Super clever Sir!
Yours truly
LH:     Wot? Hmm... Charge 
            him. Issue show cause
            notice for indecent 

Presently Baldy is sitting with h r d Manager fully charged. Both have wasted several sheets in preparing Charge Sheet on above 3 imputations.
Would you like to Present or Defend?                                                                            
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