Saturday, 12 May 2012

Eggs & Circles

A few days back Jamie Dimon, CEO, JP Morgan Chase said that the firm suffered $2bn trading loss. He said "...there were many errors, sloppiness & bad judgement" etc. Upon this Prof of finance Craig Pirrong at University of Houston remarked "... he's got a lot of egg on his face right now."

Well while having breakfast & reading the paper it seemed to me that egg should not be on any face but on hot plate.
Prof throwing egg on a face of a CEO is unheard of in our circle. Our circle uses more sophisticated, modernized & sweeter language & does not throw eggs on faces of CEO's. Though CEO may do so once in a while out of love & affection for his sub-ordinates. If you receive one full egg on your face from our worthy CEO as against none on my face, chances are you will get better marks in your annual appraisal. And if you can manage one egg + one egg on your face be sure of reaching higher scale or at least a good posting. If you can make a habit of receiving eggs on your face from our  worthy CEO's as your Swabhav, rest assured, your future is bright.

But I am told that egg on his face is actually a phrase or muhavara
So it's (phunny) language problem!

Some time back a language problem occurred in office also.  Re-mix of our Zonal Offices & Regional Offices was made resulting into creation of Circle Offices. Nomenclature of Circle Manager became a debatable point. I recall conversation with the CEO of the Circle at that time. It proceeded somewhat on following lines:

me:   Good Morning Sir
boss: Wot? O hello Branch Head
me:   Sir?
boss: Wot? You see now on you are Branch Head & I am
          Circle Head.
me:   Sir this nomenclature is a bit odd. Sir?
boss: Wot?
me:   Will there be Branch Tail & Circle Tail? Sir?
boss: Wot?
me:   Sir will h r d Manger be called Circle Eyes & inspection
          Manager be called Circle Nose? Sir?
boss: Wot? Deposit pe dhyan do.
me:   Jee Sir. May I suggest fresh nomenclature sir?
boss: Wot? Bhejo bhejo aur Deposit pe dhyan do deposit pe.     

I did suggest names as Circle Header & Branch Footer in my letter. You see to decide on this is lengthy process because of language problem. But I am informed that decision shall be taken shortly. 

Your's truly!
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